women's resource center

The Women’s Resource Center provides women a supportive and spiritual environment to access pastoral, social and education services. The Center itself is in a comfortable, neighborhood setting where the women of Southwest Baltimore can drop-in as they feel the need.

The main purpose of the Women’s Resource Center is to foster a sense of self-worth and dignity in each and every woman that visits the Center, and to help empower them to realize their full potential. The Center helps women confront domestic and criminal violence, depression, sub-standard living arrangements, unhealthy diets, and unemployment.

The Center connects women with the services they need.  Staff act as advocates for each woman with agencies in order to access services that address domestic abuse, job readiness skills , eviction prevention and a host of social and education services, The Women’s Resource Center also puts women in touch with essential health care services, either through Bon Secours Hospital or other agencies.

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